30A Plant Nursery

Looking for a 30A Plant Nursery? Emerald Coast Nursery helps people bring the outside in with a variety of plants, including flowers. For over 13 years this family-owned business has been providing quality mature plant material for retailers in the 30A area who are looking to brighten up their homes or offices during these cold winter months by adding some green life indoors! Whether you’re an expert gardener or just want something new to try, whether it’s trees/shrubs that require little maintenance but offer great look along side colorful annuals, our 30A Plant Nursery has it all.

Why Choose Us our 30A Plant Nursery?

The experts at Emerald Coast Nursery are available to help you turn your home, backyard or office into a verdant oasis. Whether it be identifying the perfect plant for any space in need of some greenery–or getting tips on designing an outdoor living area that will make everyone happy (and maybe even inspire them!), there’s no shortage when shopping around among this select group!

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